Dark Horse Navajo Jewelry combines oldstyle techniques with the U.S. Southwest’s highest quality natural turquoise stones. We carry on a proud legacy of fine craftsmanship and infuse our jewelry with spiritual meaning and traditional Navajo teachings, which we are always happy to share with our customers. Dark Horse Navajo Jewelry pieces are imminently wearable today and are also sure to be cherished family heirlooms for generations to come.

Reginald Mitchell and his son Bronson, Navajo/Dine, are fifth and sixth generation sand and tufa casters. Reginald, Bitter Water born for Salt Clan, grew up in the heart of the Navajo Nation and was introduced as a boy to traditional Navajo metalworking by his father, master silversmith Eugene Mitchell. He has now established himself as one of the only remaining artists to use these hand techniques. Bronson, Red Streak Earth born for Bitter Water Clan, has developed a style that incorporates the artistry and technical mastery of his forefathers with a modern aesthetic, which comes through in his fresh, unique designs.

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